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The Pamargan bonded seal is a rectangular section, metal washer, with a trapezoidal shaped ring of vulcanised rubber bonded to the inside. Both the washer and the material can be selected to suit a given application. The seal is for use in high pressure environments where copper washers are unsuitable.

An improvement to the original concept is the self-centralising bonded seal – designed by Pamargan – that offers additional benefits. It is available in all popular BSP sizes and many other metric sizes.


Partnerships are the growth of any business. Pamargan has now many partners all over the world locking their companies into our highly motivated workforce dedicated to customer satisfaction.

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Considerable ongoing investment in new technology and quality systems has enabled the company to confidently expand its interests in other, related areas of rubber to metal bonding.

ifteen years in this specialist area has created considerable expertise in new opportunities.

We can develop PTFE to rubber bonding, plastic to rubber bonding and metal filtration gauze to rubber bonding. Please forward your Design Requirements.

Facilities range from design/prototype service to full production capability with extensive experience in mould design, rubber formulation and bonding agents. In-house, computer aided design enables prototypes to be produced with the minimum of delay.


Mild Steel Pressings CS4 BRH5540BS EN 10139
Mild Steel Turned EN8540BS EN 10277-3
Stainless Steel Pressings T316540BS EN 10088-2
Stainless Steel Turned T303540BS EN 10088-3
Stainless Steel Turned T316540BS EN 10088-3
Stainless Steel Turned T304540BS EN 10088-3
Brass Turned CZ121380BS EN 12164
Brass Pressings CZ108380BS EN 1652
Aluminium Bronze Turned CA104700BS 2874
Aluminium Alloy Turned370L102 & L168
High Tensile Steel880S154
Aluminium Alloy TurnedHE 30(6086 – T6)370BS EN 573-3
Zinc PlatingDef.STAN. 03-20
Gold PassivateDef.STAN. 03-33
Cadmium PlatingDef.STAN. 03-19
Chromic AnodiseDef.STAN. 03-24
Sulphuric AnodiseDef.STAN. 03-25
Clear PassivateFe/Zn-5CIA
Zinc/Iron and Black ChromateFe/Zn – Fe 5 C4
Zinc Nickel Trivalent Passivate12-15% Nickel –5 microns min


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